June 24, 2013 11:46 pm

Hi Everyone,

Just updating you on my Kaye Dobbie Australian books.

I sold my book Colours of Gold to Weltbild in Germany last month, and it will be in print in December 2014.

So far nothing from Australian publishers. They are tricky to get hold of these days, with cuts and

mergers, but fingers crossed. If nothing happens soon I may think about self publishing.

Colours of Gold is a past/present book about the gold rush in Victoria and the boomtime in Melbourne.

Annie, the main character in the present part of the book, is restoring a painting found in an old building,

and the painting is of Alice and Rosey, the two main characters in the past part of the book.

I have a collage of the book on my pinterest page if anyone is interested. Colours of Gold

This is my vision of Alice, the girl in the past section of the book. This is actually a photo of my grandmother’s sister,

Florence (or so we think). She died when she was 17 years old.Florence Barnes 001

My current WIP is going to be set in 1930s Victoria, about three sisters thrown in at the deep end when their father dies. Can’t say too much yet, as I don’t know! I am a pantser writer, and although I’ve tried to be a plotter it never works. I just go with the flow these days and hope for the best. I’ll keep everyone updated with any news! Happy Reading 🙂




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