The Dark Dream

July 3, 2017 4:19 am

Who is Ella Seaton?

Waking face-down in the mud by Seaton’s lagoon, her head throbbing from an ugly wound, a young woman struggles to come to terms with an unfamiliar world.

Who is she? Why can’t she remember? Was she on her way to the goldfields at Bendigo? Or escaping from them?

All she has are snatches of a dark dream, a dream which holds memories she is too terrified to face.

Adam, a handsome young goldfields merchant, befriends her on the road, but Adam is a man with secrets of his own. As she travels from the danger and excitement of the goldfields to polite Sydney society, Ella begins to unravel the threads of her past to confront the startling truth.

A truth that will change her life forever.