When Shadows Fall

July 3, 2017 4:20 am

The floor groaned as my uninvited guest stepped inside. With him came a gust of cold air and the smell of the river.
I saw a shadow pass my doorway. A big black mass that had no shape, no definition. Yet I sensed his glance towards me…
Then his footsteps carried him on, moving towards the back of the cottage, into silence.

Kate O’Hara rents an old stone cottage on the banks of a Tasmanian river to try to get some peace after the death of her husband, and to plan her future.

But there are mysterious footsteps in the night.
The soft plash of oars on the river.
An old picture of a boatman hanging on the cottage wall.
And a rent in the fabric of time itself …

This book was first published in 1998 by Random House and has been reissued 2017 under a new cover


At the time When Shadows Fall was being printed and going through the presses in 1998, Random House reorganised their publishing house and publishing list. They decided not to go ahead with my book. My agent managed to persuaded them otherwise. The book was published and sold well, and I went on to write another book with Random under my Lilly Sommers name (Footsteps in an Empty Room).